This site is to try to explore some of the less visited backwaters of history and if possible to make some connections and come up with new answers that sometimes question the orthodox wisdom. One of the principal ideas is to test whether the established Anglo centric view is in fact correct or whether the proverb that ‘history is written by the victor’ has in some cases been taken to extremes by distorting or just missing out huge pieces of the jigsaw?

I am no history academic, but over many years now I have maintained a sporadic but avid interest especially the sixteenth century with a focus on England and Europe. And since shifting base camp to Philippines I have also picked up on a few things from the perspective of that place.

One of the facets of history I love is that its depths are almost inexhaustible and often the more detailed it is the more interesting it becomes. The answer is out there; if not already in cyberspace, maybe in a book or in someone’s head. But its not always immediately obvious and may need to be discerned. Of course as any proper historian will tell you, conclusions should be beyond reasonable doubt based on reliable sources.

So please, any comments would be very welcome, whether informative, directive or just that you think I am barking up the wrong tree.



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